About us

HNK Analüüsitehnika OÜ was established in 1993. After more than 20 years of development and experience the company concentrates on selling, maintaining, servicing and consulting in the following main areas:

  • Chemical reagents, analytical standards and reference materials
    (Sigma-Aldrich, LGC Standards)
  • Life sciences, cell and microbiology products
    (Sigma-Aldrich, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Life Technologies Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein Biology)
  • Food and feed analyses and diagnostic products
    (R-biopharm, Randox, Romer Labs, Neogen …)
  • Gas analyzers and environmental monitoring equipment
    (Dräger Safety, Gasmet, Geotech, SKC, Sewerin, Schütz Messtechnik, Environics …
  • Landfill and biogas monitoring equipment
  • Laboratory and analysing instruments and equipment
    (Rigaku Raman, Dekati, Kern, J.P Selecta, GFL, Amarell, Hecht-Assistent, CertoClav, Whatman, Machery-Nagel, Hichrom, Hirschmann, Azlon, Bibby, Arctest…)
  • Safety and personal protection products
    (Dräger Safety…)

In addition, we cooperate with many other manufacturers and suppliers from these areas.